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Excitic Website Localization Tool 6.0

Excitic Website Localization Tool 6.0: Professional localization tool to create multilingual websites localization task to external translators. This is done via a self-extracting software localization kit, which includes a `lite` edition of the Excitic software for translators and a project file. No technical skills are required to get started with a software localization task. When you change the master version of your website, old translations are automatically merged with strings from the next version and you`ll only need to translate new and

Lingobit Extractor 1.1: Extracts hard-coded strings from source files to resources
Lingobit Extractor 1.1

software localization. The tool solves a huge part of internationalization tasks by extracting hardcoded strings from source code to resources. It supports C, C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basix.NET and Java languages. Benefits * Automatically extracts hardcoded strings * Creates resource files with extracted strings * Updates hardcoded strings after software update * Works with individual files and folders * Runtime preview of source code files * Highly

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Site Translator 4.09: Translate entire web sites and expand your audience with a single click!
Site Translator 4.09

software with a few clicks! Site Translator supports Microsoft Visual Studio RESX files. Fully automate the process of translating software written in C#, VB.NET, or any other Visual Studio language. Add hundreds of millions of users for your software! Translation Memory speeds up the process by remembering commonly-used phrases and sentences. Personalize the translation of words and phrases to improve accuracy. Exclude specific words and phrases

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Multilizer Lite for Developers 2009_7.2.2: Multilizer Lite is a tool for localizing different kinds of software.
Multilizer Lite for Developers 2009_7.2.2

Multilizer Lite for Developers is an easy-to-use tool for localizing software developed with the most common software development tools. Multilizer Lite for Developers enables localization of standard Windows binaries (.exe, .ocs, .dll, ...), VCL binaries (binaries compiled with Delphi/C++Builder), Visual Studio .NET solutions and projects, assemblies, and .resx files.

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LocWise Multilingual SDK 2.21

Software Development Kit (MSDK) that contains complete source code, header files, libraries, documentation, samples, and several tools that can be used to help generate, translate and maintain external text-like language packs. It is used to enable Win32 applications offering on-the-fly localization with no code change, and it is a leading solution to limit investment in localization for your software globalization needs. With LocWise MFC Multilingual

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RC Localize 7.06: Translate Visual Studio RC resources files, localize your application easily
RC Localize 7.06

localization process: mnemonic characters checking, character formatting, spell checking, adjusting the size of the controls ... RC Localize can display a dialog and its variation in the different translations. It also includes a dialog editor that allows you to reposition the controls and adjust their size. RC Localize offers many advantages: Save valuable time! The integrated editor helps you in the localization process and offers a flexibility

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Multilizer Enterprise 2011

Multilizer Enterprise is intended for corporations that have a specialized team handling multilingual issues incl. translation and localization issues. Multilizer Enterprise is the most advanced tool among Multilizer tools for translation and localization. It supports both software and document translation and localization. Multilizer Enterprise can be expanded with a wide range of plug-ins to support e.g. new file formats.

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